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S & G Fabrications is in the business of making your property look great as well as keeping you safe. With our access barriers and security grilles you can enjoy a cost effective way to add extra security and control to homes and commercial properties. With our bespoke metal gates, you can also complement the style of your property from the outside.


Our barriers are a great way to prevent unauthorised access and control the flow of people or vehicles to your property. From drop down barriers and control flow to height barriers and restrict access barriers, we provide everything you need to achieve effective property security.


Feel secure, stay safe and look good

We offer:


- Car park barriers

- Maximum height barriers

- Bespoke barriers

- Railing barriers


Security grilles look good and are simple and cost effective to maintain and use. They offer you the ultimate protection against intruders. We'll provide you with security grilles that have a major physical presence to protect your premises.

Custom barriers in Nottingham

Stay safe with security barriers in Nottingham.

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